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Silvana Navarro-Hoyos

Universidad El Bosque
Coordinator Master's degree in Design for Creative and Cultural Industries
Bogotá D.C.
ADVISOR, RESEARCHER AND TEACHER, Phd. In society and culture of the University of Barcelona, complementing my training I have studies in Strategic Marketing Management, MBA, Master of Latin American Studies and a degree in Industrial Design.
I have more than 20 years of work experience. My role as a consultant is especially linked to the formulation and management of projects. I have experience creating and offering marketing and communication programs. In new technologies I have worked on content optimization for social media, content writing and community management. In production areas I have worked as a product designer.
I have worked on projects with character, social - cultural, as a cultural manager and as a developer of programs for the benefit of small businesses and productive chains. In addition to this, I have more than four years of experience in international relations. As a researcher and teacher I have addressed to historical, cultural, social development, heritage and economic issues, among others, with various publications.
The great strength of my profile is the versatility to address issues having different points of view, which generates a high degree of resolution and action. I have great knowledge of the social reality of Iberoamerica and I have experience in social work. I work with creative capacity, in search of the best answers and actions to the daily problems. I am aware of the importance of teamwork. I like to lead, listen and reflect. My work is characterized by being proactive, effective and efficient.

In the last year my interest has focused on the development of Creative and Cultural Industries.
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